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Đánh Giá 6 loại máy đẩy tinh chất tốt nhất hiện nay 2022

You need to learn about essence pushers and don’t know which one to buy? Follow the following article for more information about quality machines.

From the age of 25 onwards, our skin shows signs of aging and is no longer as shiny as before. Therefore, many women will need to add other types of restorative essences to the skin. In addition to masks and creams, essence pusher It is a useful tool to help the skin absorb nutrients better. Read the article below to learn more about this type of facial skin care machine.

About the essence electrophoresis machine

Essence pusher It is a great device for facial skin care. It helps push nutrients from serums, masks or creams deep into the layers of the skin. From there, it nourishes skin cells from the inside and helps the skin become shiny, smooth, reducing wrinkles.

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Using the essence electrophoresis machine every day will help women to have healthy and rosy young skin. Normally, in the models sold on the market today, there will be technologies such as:

Electrolytic technology of negative (-) and positive ions (+)

Dirty substances located deep in the epidermis of the skin often carry a (-) electric charge. Therefore, the normal face wash method will only clean the surface, not deep clean the skin. Meanwhile, the electrophoresis machine contains ions (+) that work to draw these impurities out.

The (-) ion of the device will help enhance the skin’s ability to absorb oxygen and reduce sebum. It also works to pave the way for the nutrients of creams, serums, etc. to penetrate deep into the skin.

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The machine has a heating function

Lines essence pusher now have the function of changing hot and cold temperature. Hot temperatures will usually be used for cleansing and moisturizing steps. Because it has the effect of dilating pores to help remove dirt easily.

The cold temperature will be used after washing the face, applying lotion or applying a sheet mask. The reason is because this heat helps to tighten pores and keep nutrients inside the skin.

The device possesses biological light and vibration technology

In addition to adjusting the hot / cold temperature arbitrarily, the essence electrophoresis machine also integrates other technologies. It is the biological light and vibrations that enter the facial skin care process. When these two are combined, it becomes a rejuvenating facial massage.

Useful uses of essence pushers

Nowadays, more and more women are aware of the importance of skin care. That’s why they rush to buy essence pusher about to skincare because it brings effects such as:

The machine helps to deep clean the skin

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Washing your face by hand with a cleanser will only help you remove the layer of dirt on the surface of the skin. As for the essence electrophoresis machine, this device generates heat to expand the pores. Thereby creating conditions for Ion (+) to absorb dirt and clear skin, limiting the appearance of acne.

The essence pusher works to help the skin absorb nutrients better

In addition to deep cleaning for the skin, the electrophoresis machine also helps the essence to penetrate the skin faster. Thanks to this, the user’s skin will absorb all the nutrients in the skin care products.

The machine increases the skin’s ability to absorb moisture

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When the nutrients from the lotion penetrate deep inside thanks to the essence electrophoresis machine. Your skin will become smooth, plump and not easily dry, cracked. All because this device has helped to shrink the pores to keep the water under the skin from evaporating.

The machine enhances the ability of blood circulation under the skin

Vibration mode of sound waves combined with biological light of the electrophoresis machine is capable of massaging the skin. It helps blood flow under the skin better, making the skin more firm and ruddy. You can both use this machine and combine gentle massage to lift the face muscles.

Top 6 quality pushers are sought after by many people

The current essence electrophoresis machine is not too strange for skincare believers. It is a useful tool to help women keep their skin from aging. Here are some lines best essence pusher highly appreciated by many users for the quality you can refer to:

Halio . brand essence pusher

Halio . brand essence pusher

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Halio is one of the famous brands of skin care products in Vietnam. In addition to the famous face washing machine, the company also launched the skin care essence electrophoresis machine.

Halio’s electrophoresis machine is applied with advanced Ion Galvanic technology specialized for spas. Thanks to that, the machine is able to push the whitening essence deep into each layer of the skin. From there, the user’s skin becomes whiter and brighter after only about 2 weeks of use.


  • Halio electrophoresis machine has a compact design, so it is convenient to carry to work or travel
  • The machine possesses a Deep Clean mode that deeply cleans and removes dirt for the skin
  • Regular use of the device helps the user’s skin reduce acne
  • Halio machine is used to increase collagen production, improve skin pigmentation
  • The machine has a cooling mode down to 10C compared to room temperature to help tighten pores and effectively lock nutrients


  • Halio machine is not suitable for people with atopic dermatitis or sensitive skin
  • People with a history of cardiovascular disease should also not use the Halio . electrophoresis device
  • Pregnant women, people with braces or dental implants should not use this machine
  • The price of the device is quite high, so it is not suitable for the pocket of students

Yaman brand HRF-10T essence pusher

Yaman brand HRF-10T essence pusher

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Yaman specializes in the production of Japanese beauty and skin care equipment lines. This brand has more than 40 years of experience in the field of aesthetics, so it understands the needs of customers very well.

The Yaman line of essence electrophoresis machines is integrated with many advanced and modern beauty technologies. It has cleaning, moisturizing, LED or massage modes to help the user’s skin firmer and smoother.


  • Integrating many functions in the same device to help users shorten skin care time
  • Compact design makes Yaman very convenient to carry to work or travel
  • The battery life of the Yaman is very long, just need to charge it once and the user can use it for a whole month
  • The vibration waves of the machine act on the skin to help burn fat cells and make the face more slim


  • Yaman machine is not waterproof, so users need to keep the device away from water sources
  • The selling price of the Yaman electrophoresis machine is quite expensive, about 4 to 7 million VND

Pebble Fleur’s facial electrophoresis machine

Pebble Fleur's facial electrophoresis machine

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Essence pusher Pebble Fleur is a product that meets all skin care needs of users. It has the ability to absorb dirt, sebum or cosmetic remnants hidden deep in the skin. Thanks to Ion (-) and Ion (+) technology, this device has the ability to effectively unclog pores.

Besides, the Pebble Fleur machine also owns Micro-PAT technology to help the skin absorb nutrients. Using this machine every day will give users a smooth and shiny skin.


  • The Pebble Fleur machine has the ability to detect Fluorescent ingredients in creams to avoid harming the skin
  • The machine has a Cleansing mode to help users remove makeup cleaner than normal face wash
  • Pebble Fleur’s hot and massage mode helps lift the face, creating a way for the essence to penetrate deeply into the skin
  • The Pebble Fleur machine also has a Refresh mode that minimizes pores and locks in moisture for the skin


  • The type of makeup remover used for the Pebble Fleur machine must be thin
  • The body is easy to stick to the user’s fingerprint

Essence pusher Max888PRO of Maxcare

Essence pusher Max888PRO of Maxcare

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Max888PRO from Maxcare brand spa-standard skin care equipment at home. It possesses many outstanding features to help give users smooth and healthy skin.

The device is equipped with Galvanic Ion technology to enhance the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients. Not only that, the machine also features F-Vibration + 45 degrees heat for deep cleaning effect. Any dirt, sebum or makeup residue accumulated under the skin will be completely removed with this machine.


  • The deep cleaning mode of the Max888PRO machine has the ability to increase the absorption efficiency of nutrients
  • The machine has Fully absorb mode to help make way for nutrients to go deep into each layer of skin cells
  • The device’s Moisture mode has the ability to moisturize the skin and help it stay smooth in the dry season


  • The price is relatively high, so it is not suitable for students

ILIFT IF-1108 essence pusher made in Hong Kong

ILIFT IF-1108 . Essence Dispenser

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ILIFT IF-1108 or hot and cold hammer is a popular beauty product recently. It possesses up to 6 useful functions in the daily skin care routine. Using the machine continuously for 2 weeks will help you improve sagging, acne on the skin effectively.


  • The ILIFT IF-1108 machine has the effect of moisturizing, locking moisture, deep cleaning and acne treatment for the skin.
  • The machine’s positive ion generation feature helps to remove dirt and makeup residue from the skin
  • The machine is equipped with EMS technology that lifts muscles and creates V-lines for the face
  • Its red light function helps to rejuvenate the skin and make it more plump


  • The modes on the machine are all written in Chinese, so it can be difficult for users

EMS essence pusher of TOP BLK . brand

EMS essence pusher of TOP BLK . brand

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EMS is the line essence pusher has the ability to improve up to 7 problems that facial skin is facing. It works to promote the absorption of nutrients from the serum of the skin. At the same time, EMS also helps to stimulate facial muscles, smooth wrinkles and increase skin elasticity.


  • The T-Sonic function of the device is used to remove all dirt and sebum accumulated under the skin
  • EMS machine helps to shrink pores and lock moisture for skin effectively
  • The hot and cold Photon function (6-42 C) of the machine has the effect of firming and increasing skin elasticity.
  • The device is equipped with a red and blue light mode that reduces acne and rejuvenates the skin


  • The body is quite slippery and easy to stick to fingerprints, so you have to handle it carefully

Questions surrounding the use of essence pushers

As an item that brings many useful functions, it is not difficult to understand when the demand for electrophoresis increases. Besides paying attention to the price, users also ask many questions when using this machine. For example:

Does the battery need to be charged before use?

In order for the hot and cold ion electrophoresis machine to work on the skin, users should charge the battery before using it. This will help the machine have enough power to operate for many subsequent skin care sessions.

Should the electrophoresis machine be cleaned with soap and water?

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Some electrophoresis models are not water resistant, so you need to be careful when cleaning the device. Do not use soap and water to wash the machine, but use a clean, dry cloth to wipe around the machine. In addition, you should also avoid using the device in the bathroom because steam can damage the device.

Can electrophoresis be used for people with braces?

People who are in the process of braces or dental implants are not allowed to use the electrophoresis machine. The reason is because the vibration of the machine can cause the tooth root joint to be misaligned, causing pain for the user.

What time of day should I use the essence pusher?

The device can be used at any time of the day, but the best time frame is in the evening. Because this is the time when you have a lot of free time to do the skin care process. In addition, using the device at night will help the skin more easily absorb nutrients and avoid contact with a lot of dirt.

In what condition should the skin not use the essence electrophoresis machine?

If your skin is open wound, dermatitis or has large acne, do not use the device. Because the impact of the machine can affect this skin area and make it worse.

Here is the information you need to know about the lines best essence pusher popular today. Hope the above article has helped you to choose the right machine for your skin care needs.

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