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Máy lọc nước Aqua có tốt không? Top 5 máy lọc nước Aqua bán chạy nhất

Aqua water purifier Known as one of the famous brands today. So is Aqua water purifier good? Let’s find out right away about this brand and the Top best-selling water purifiers in the article below!

About Aqua water purifier brand

Aqua is a brand of the famous Japanese electronics and refrigeration company Sanyo, born in 1905. And in 2012, Haier Group Corporation of China acquired Sanyo.

In 1996, Aqua was officially present in the Vietnamese market, known as a brand of famous household appliances such as washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, water purifiers,… Aqua inherited it. technology quintessence as well as the understanding of the Vietnamese market from Sanyo.

Over the past 20 years, Aqua has always worked with the motto “Japanese technology, by Vietnamese people, for Vietnamese people”. Aqua water purifier is one of the typical products with RO membrane technology from the US that eliminates harmful substances, providing users with the cleanest and purest water.

Is Aqua water purifier good?

Aqua water purifier is known as a type of water purifier with many outstanding advantages such as:

Impressive design with many outstanding colors

With a modern design, neat design, with luxurious 3D tempered glass. Aqua water purifiers on the market have many types with different logos such as: Aqua Plus water purifier, Aqua Nano water purifier, Aqua Home water purifier, Aqua Star water purifier, Aqua Smart water purifier…

Modern filter technology

Aqua water purifier products are of consistent quality from pump to RO membrane for machines using RO membranes or machines using Nano membranes, valves, faucets, pipes, elbows, locks, … and many more details.

Using RO water purification technology with ultrafiltration membrane with 0.0001 micrometer filter slots, filtering solids, heavy metal ions, microorganisms, bacteria, toxic substances, chemical protective drugs plants… are super small in size, providing pure water that can be drunk immediately without needing to be reheated.


According to some customer reviews, the machine is quite durable and has a long service life.

The application of modern and advanced production technology helps the product to be recognized as having high durability, optimal water filtration quality, and meeting regulatory standards.


Supplementing with minerals is beneficial for health, helping to increase minerals and electrolytes in water.

Components and accessories with quality assurance

You can be completely assured that the components all meet international specifications, ensure food hygiene and safety and meet standards such as: RO membrane with NFS standard, filter cup with NFS standard, tubing ISO compliant,…

The outstanding features of the product must have helped you answer the question of whether the Aqua water purifier is good that you are wondering.

Criteria for choosing a water purifier brand Aqua

To be able to choose an Aqua water purifier suitable for your needs, your water source, you need to pay attention to a few criteria when choosing the following:

Filter technology

  • RO technology: RO is a water purification technology that uses reverse osmosis membranes, which is the most effective filtration technology. Mainly used for saltwater or hard water, this technique requires electricity to clean the water and produces a lot of wastewater.
  • Nanotechnology: Nano technology with filter membrane has very small pore size to be able to remove contaminants in water without using electricity and without waste water. However, only suitable for input water that has been treated to meet the drinking water standards of the Ministry of Health.
  • Electrolyte technology: is a technology to purify ionized water thanks to the electrolysis process to help remove metals and chemicals, and at the same time equal to pH levels as well as beneficial minerals for the body. Electrolyzed water purifiers are not capable of filtering out viruses, bacteria, and heavy metal ions.
  • Hollow fiber membrane technology: is a technology that uses micro-perforated tubular fibers. Pre-filtered water will flow through the wall of the pipe through millions of small holes with the size of only 0.01 – 0.1 micrometers, which can ensure the safety of the water and can be drunk immediately after being filtered.


If you use the water purifier for daily activities such as bathing, washing, etc., you should choose a total water filter system with a large capacity (30 – 80 liters/hour).

If you only use the water purifier for drinking, cooking, and mixing, you should choose direct drinking water purifiers with a smaller capacity (10 – 20 liters/hour).

However, depending on the number of family members and the amount of water used, you should choose a suitable water purifier to avoid inconvenience when using a machine with a capacity that is too large or too small.

Economic conditions

Cost is also an issue that most people are very concerned about when choosing a water purifier. To save money when using, you should choose to buy a water purifier with high power saving ability and good water filtration function, which does not take much time.

Currently, RO and Nano technology water purifiers with prices ranging from VND 4 million to VND 7 million will be suitable for the pocket and income level of the vast majority of Vietnamese families.

As for water purifiers with electrolyte technology and hollow fiber membranes, the cost will be relatively high from a few tens to hundreds of millions of dong. Therefore, depending on your financial conditions and usage needs, you can choose the right product.

Purchase address

You should buy Aqua water purifiers at reputable addresses and genuine Aqua distributors such as Dien May Xanh to avoid buying fake and poor quality goods that can affect your health when used.

How much does a water purifier cost?

Brand Aqua extremely popular in the Vietnamese market today. This water purifier product line is diverse in design as well as quality and has a fairly wide price range, usually ranging from 2 to over 10 million.

With an Aqua water purifier with basic and sufficient water filtration features, a normal design will cost from 2 to 4 million VND. With the price from 4 to 10 million VND, you will own Aqua water purifiers that are fully functional to use as well as beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

Top 5 best selling Aqua brand water purifiers

1. Aqua water purifier with 2 faucets

Aqua’s first super filter product is Aqua 2 faucet. This is the most popular and trusted product on the market today. Because in addition to possessing a beautiful appearance, this product also has excellent filter quality.

Outstanding Features:

  • The product is made from stainless aluminum alloy, covered by a layer of electrostatic protection paint to ensure user safety, reducing the risk of electric shock when used.
  • The design of the tempered glass top is bright and sturdy, creating a luxury for the family space.
  • High filtration capacity, on average every hour filters up to 10 liters of water, ensuring the needs of users.
  • RO water purification technology is applied in this product line, creating the purest water source.
  • The ability to remove up to 99.9% of bacteria living in water, so you can use it immediately without cooking.

2. Aqua Lead Water Purifier

Aqua Lead Water Purifier has become an essential product in every family thanks to its convenience and especially the ability to provide pure clean water to drink directly.

Outstanding Features:

  • Possessing up to 11 filtration levels, the Aqua Lead series not only cleans water with advanced RO technology, but also creates Hydrogen-rich alkaline water.
  • It has the effect of filtering and removing cancer-causing agents, gastrointestinal diseases, and dermatological diseases before and after being introduced into the human body by using hydrogen-rich alkaline water.
  • The high pH in the filter of the water purifier helps to improve the efficiency of Oxygen, eliminating harmful activities.
  • RO reverse osmosis membrane system with an opening size of only 0.001 micrometers, creates clean water containing oxygen, minerals that are good for the body, preventing the infiltration of solids, heavy metals, impurities, limestone,…
  • Not only creating clean, pure water that can be drunk directly, but this water source is also very beneficial for health.
  • Products meet strict standards of water source standards, manufactured according to ISO 9001-2015 standards.

3. Aqua Plus water purifier

Aqua Plus water purifier Currently, this is the most modern product line of the Aqua brand with advanced RO water purification technology capable of filtering out dirt and bacteria harmful to health. Products are strictly tested, the whole production process is completely closed.

Outstanding Features:

  • The water purifier with 2 hot and cold water faucets is applied reverse osmosis filtration technology, so it ensures the purest water source and can be used directly without boiling.
  • The product has a modern and extremely convenient design with two main modes: a hot water faucet and a pure cold water faucet.
  • Hot water can be used to make tea, coffee,… extremely convenient and time-saving.
  • Saves a lot of energy compared to other types of water purifiers.
  • Designed with 9 filter cores, ensuring the purity of the water source.
  • There are 2 single-handle faucets, easy to get water with simple operation.
  • The cabinet cover is made of tempered glass, maximum protection of the internal apparatus and the product has many colors to choose from.

4. Aqua Smart water purifier

Aqua Smart water purifier It is one of the most popular water purifier products on the market today. With a structure of 9 membranes, the machine can ensure the ability to filter clean water, especially with alkaline or saline contaminated water that is common in some areas today.

Outstanding Features:

  • Aqua Smart water purifier works to prevent mud, algae and impurities in the water.
  • The product also helps to remove toxins and components that cause cancer, dermatitis and deodorant to help soften water.
  • The product also increases dissolved oxygen in water, anti-oxidant and prevents dry skin.
  • Equipped with automatic stop when lack of water, stop working when the water tank is full, avoid wasting electricity to avoid wasting electricity and water.
  • Compact structure, beautiful and luxurious, saving electricity.
  • Products are available in many designs and types to suit different needs.

5. Aqua Max water purifier

Aqua Max Water Purifier with RO membrane with a filtration capacity of 15 liters/hour, it helps to completely remove solids, completely gas in water, heavy metal ions, microorganisms, bacteria, etc. to bring completely pure water. Especially, the machine that returned to Vietnam to produce joint venture has made many improvements in accordance with the environment, climate, and water resources of Vietnam.

Outstanding Features:

  • Luxurious, beautifully.
  • Function to filter absolutely Arsenic (prestige) causes cancer.
  • Filtration rate 20 liters/hour, saving waste water.
  • The push-pull pump can suck up to a depth of 2m and push 120-135 PSI to make the filtration process faster and more efficient.
  • The RO membrane achieves a filtration capacity of 15 liters per hour, twice as much as other conventional purifiers.
  • Completely remove solids, completely gas in water, heavy metal ions, microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, organic substances make water become completely pure.
  • Aqua Max water purifier has returned to Vietnam, and the joint venture has made many improvements to suit the environment, climate, and water resources of Vietnam.

How to distinguish real and fake Aqua water purifiers

Nowadays, our water is very polluted. Therefore, the demand for water purifiers is increasing day by day. Therefore, immediately there are many different brands of water purifiers on the market.

It is worth mentioning that many of the items appearing in Vietnam are products imported from China. However, they have been transformed and labeled with Taiwan, Malaysia, and America… and become genuine water purifiers.

Therefore, when choosing to buy an Aqua water purifier, you need to pay attention to some of the following genuine product characteristics to avoid fake and poor quality goods:

  • On real products, there must be a barcode issued by the General Department of Quality Metrology of our country.
  • Must have an anti-counterfeiting stamp issued by the Ministry of Public Security on it or have a scratch card authenticated by text message.
  • The product must have the full factory address, company phone number and red stamp of the manufacturing company.

In addition, when buying an Aqua water purifier, you should note:

  • Buy products from a reputable, fully licensed distributor with a clear headquarters and address
  • Carefully check the warranty paper and warranty information when buying
  • Tuyet absolutely does not buy floating products sold online without a website, without a clear physical address.

Above, I have introduced to you about the most trusted Aqua brand water purifiers today as well as helping you answer your questions. “Is the Aqua water purifier any good?”. Hope the article can be useful to you when learning about this product.

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