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Máy phun sơn là gì? Cách chọn máy phun sơn tốt nhất nên tham khảo

Current construction works not only require high quality but also have high aesthetics. The paint spraying stage directly determines the aesthetic quality of the project. Airless spray was born to almost replace the previous manual painting. Paint sprayer shows compactness with outstanding advantages and brings about high aesthetic beauty. So the use of paint sprayer and how to choose which type is good, please read the article below.

What is a paint sprayer?

Airless spray is a product that is more convenient to use and is being replaced by manual painting in the past. To put it simply, a paint sprayer is a technology product that uses pressure to spray onto the surface of the wall. Use compressed air to generate paint pressure from the ejector tank. Paint passing through the nozzle will spray out small paint particles that stick to the surface to be painted.

Best paint sprayer

With wall painting technology, you have to sand and paint the surface, this is an important step. If you paint manually, it will take a lot of time if you do not want to hire workers. Not to mention the manual paint is not as expected, the surface can hardly be even.

To increase the work efficiency of the painter – the paint sprayer is the ideal choice for the professional career of the painter. Thanks to that, today the paint sprayer is being trusted and used more by customers. Paint sprayer with smart design, comes with many spray pipes, to meet many different purposes. Paint sprayer with handle, convenient to use, even in high places, you can hold it as you like and do a quick paint job.

Paint sprayer construction

The structure of the paint sprayer is simple and works based on the pressure difference of compressed air. The locomotive is 2 tubes with progressively smaller cross-sections placed at right angles to each other. One tube is connected to the air tank, so the other is plugged into the paint can. The difference in pressure, the paint in the tube is sucked up from the paint can and is torn by compressed air.

Paint sprayers on the market today usually have the following 10 main parts:

  • Cap: If the hood has 2 protruding ears, it will spit out an ellipse, and if the cap is round, it will spit out a circle. An elliptical stain is more suitable for spraying on a large work area, but a circular stain is suitable for a small work area.
  • Kim Bec
  • Paint sprayer body
  • Engine trigger: Pull the engine trigger for gas and paint to spray out. The trigger works in 2 stages. Pulling the trigger lightly opens the valve when, only air is sprayed out, pulling the trigger further causes the paint machine needle to open, causing the paint to spray out with the air.
  • Steam control valve
  • Paint control valve
  • Springs
  • Pin and hook for attaching sprayer trigger
  • Screws for mounting with couplings, for mounting with steam leads
  • Screws for attaching to paint cans

The force pushed far or near depends on the pressure of the compressed air and the cross-section of the two nozzles. The higher the pressure of compressed air, the more paint is wasted. Currently on the market, there are 2 types of paint sprayers: portable paint sprayers (mini) and industrial paint sprayers. Each type has different outstanding features, creating distinct advantages.

To help you find a quality paint sprayer that meets all the criteria, here are the top 5 types of machines that you should refer to. These types all come from reputable, reliable brands.

Paint sprayer Haupon TM71

Paint sprayer Haupon TM71

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The product uses a voltage of 220 – 240V, the machine comes with 3 nozzles to meet all the needs of users. The product has 2 sets of convertible nozzles including 1.5mm and 2.5mm nozzles.


  • Can be easily adjusted for beautiful smooth paint
  • Even spray, thin paint film
  • Compact design, easy to operate


  • Narrow spray, not suitable for large projects

Maybe you are interested:

Paint sprayer Total TT3506

Paint sprayer Total TT3506

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The product has a tank design of up to 800ml, the operating power of the machine is 350W. The nozzle diameter is about 2.5mm. Spray flow is 380ml/min, spray distance is 30-40cm.


  • Save electricity
  • Beautiful smooth paint
  • Light weight so easy to hold and easy to operate


  • The spray will sometimes get clogged

Paint sprayer Kachi MK07

Paint sprayer Kachi MK07

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This is a paint sprayer that can spray in many directions, the nozzle of the machine includes 1.8mm and 2.6mm heads. The tank capacity is 700ml and the machine capacity is 350W with a weight of 1.2kg.


  • Multi-purpose sprayer sprays in many directions
  • Spray paint sharp and beautiful smooth surface
  • Can be painted on many surfaces with different materials


  • There is a small amount of paint and the spray is often turned off

Maxpro paint sprayer MPSG80/800V

Maxpro paint sprayer MPSG80/800V

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Maxpro MPSG80/800V paint sprayer is a cheap paint sprayer that is chosen by many builders and mechanics. The product has a versatile spray direction, the use of this paint sprayer is 80W and has a paint tank capacity of 800ml with a small nozzle diameter of only 0.8mm.


  • Small nozzle, suitable for limited position spraying
  • Large tank capacity
  • Lightweight design, easy to hold


  • With a small capacity, the machine is still weak

Airbrush paint sprayer NA-130

Airbrush paint sprayer NA-130

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The design of this Airbrush NA-130 paint sprayer will make many people excited with its attractiveness. The product is constructed of extremely durable stainless steel, specialized for artistic paint spraying. With a spray hole of only 0.3mm, Airbrush is the smallest paint sprayer available today.


  • Suitable for watercolor painting
  • No spilled paint
  • There is an adjustment knob at the back of the machine for flexible spray


  • Small capacity and only for art spray use, should not be sprayed on the wall

How to choose the right paint sprayer for the job?

In order to complete the work quickly and still achieve the quality of the works, it is necessary to have a device such as a paint sprayer. Choosing the right wall paint sprayer for the job will help you.

Choosing the capacity and capacity of the paint sprayer

Best paint sprayer

First you need to determine the size of your work. If the workload is large, it will be necessary to use a paint sprayer with a large capacity to meet the needs of use, ensuring high efficiency in work.

For small workloads, it is not necessary to choose a machine with a large capacity and capacity, which will cause waste. At this time, it is appropriate to use a paint sprayer with a small capacity or a handheld sprayer.

Specifications and energy using paint sprayer

There are many types of paint sprayers on the market with different models and sizes. Using electricity, gasoline, oil, etc. If the building has an existing electrical system, an electric paint sprayer is the best. If there is no electrical system or the electrical system is far away, it is recommended to choose a gasoline or oil-powered machine.

We need to care about technical parameters such as: pressure, flow, pressure, capacity.

Accessories for paint sprayers

Best paint sprayer

Usually, when buying a whole set of paint sprayers, there are accessories such as paint spray guns, spray lines, if purchased individually, they will not be available. When buying industrial machines, you need to carefully check the product information to see if it meets the safety criteria or not.

If you see any abnormal signs, immediately exchange with the supplier to have a safe product.

Choose a reputable paint sprayer supplier

Choosing a product supplier is like choosing a product quality and product support incentives. You should choose reputable suppliers with reasonable prices, along with the best warranty and technical support. Choosing a reputable supplier will ensure the quality of the product.

Instructions for using the paint sprayer

In the painting process to help the paint layer perfect, it is not only necessary to choose a good paint sprayer but also to operate it correctly. If the technique is wrong, no matter how good a sprayer you have, it will be difficult for good paint quality.

Surface preparation, paint tools

For convenient spraying, you should prepare the paint surface carefully. For areas where you don’t want paint, cover them with duct tape. If you are painting the ceiling or something, spread a tarp down. If you paint outdoors, you should cover the wind to avoid blowing the paint away.

Test paint sprayer first

Best paint sprayer

Before painting, please test the machine on another surface. This helps you to check the machine for any problems.

Adjust spray pressure

If the spray is not uniform, adjust the pressure up. However, for those in the industry for a long time will often keep the pressure low to keep the life of the paint. If high paint pressure is used for a long time, it will make the paint quality worse and degrade faster.

Move the paint sprayer properly

If you hold the sprayer for a long time in one position, the paint will be uneven and drip. To avoid that you need to move the sprayer over the surface being painted. In the process of moving the paint sprayer, it is necessary to keep a consistent and stable speed. It shouldn’t be too fast or too slow.

After spraying is done

If you have finished spraying in that position and want to change to another location, you need to release the trigger button on the paint sprayer. Of course, if you need paint then press that button. After finishing painting, you must clean the paint sprayer, check the machine and store them in the box to prepare for the next time.

Uses of paint sprayers and some notes when using them

Paint sprayer is easy to use, convenient for construction workers. The machine has a number of uses and notes to avoid as follows:

Uses of paint sprayer:

  • Paint sprayers can help builders perform paint jobs faster, more professionally, without spending too much time or effort.
  • The paint sprayer also saves tools, spraying every corner of the house. There is an aesthetic architectural work, refreshing for your home.
  • Using a paint sprayer sprays directly on the surface to be painted without getting paint on people, affecting health, saving effort and time.
  • Sprayers are divided into several types, each with its own characteristics and applications, but are all used with a wide range of paints.
  • Save time, convenient to use and ensure safety

Notes when using a paint sprayer

There are some materials that cannot be spray-painted, so professional advice is required. Here are some of the most basic notes that you should know:

Cleaning the paint sprayer

It is necessary to clean the tub before and after use to ensure safety as well as paint quality. Because there will be impurities such as dirt from the outside that will directly affect the painted surface.

Power consumption of paint sprayer

Best paint sprayer

Depending on the power consumption of the machine, how much V do you connect to the power source, but mainly use 220V power. The machine only works best at the right power source, insufficient power supply will lead to machine damage or fire problems.

Pneumatic paint sprayer

When pressing is responsible for pushing paint onto the nozzle, it is necessary to clean, separate oil, water and moisture. It is necessary to check the powder propellant compressed air, powder pressurized air pressure and fluidized bed compressed air pressure.

The outside temperature affects the paint sprayer

Like humidity, temperature also affects the quality of spray paint, especially in the paint booth to ensure that the temperature remains stable and does not rise too high. When spraying equipment such as scaffolding, care must be taken to avoid collisions.

Safe for sprayers

Sprayers need to wear protective gear to avoid danger. In the paint, there are organic compounds that are easily absorbed by the skin or through the respiratory tract, so it is necessary to pay attention to ensure safety when entering the paint. When painting, do not use bare hands, but need to wear protective gloves.

Paint sprayer keep out of reach of children

Equipment must be kept out of reach of children, do not allow children to come near the painted area to avoid poisoning by spray paint and paint objects that are dangerous to children.


Above is all the information you can refer to to buy yourself one best paint sprayer. You can base on the criteria mentioned above, combined with your own use needs, from which to choose a good product for you. If you are not sure which product to own, you can use it paint sprayer Total TT3506 both save electricity and have beautiful smooth paint. This is one of the products that users appreciate for the most beautiful smooth paint.

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