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Mirae Asset là công ty gì? Vay tiền MAFC lừa đảo hay uy tín?

You are in need of a quick loan to invest or to solve financial difficulties, loan Mirae Asset is the best solution for you. If you are looking for a financial company Mirae Asset How fast is the loan, how is the application process, how is the interest rate, reputable or scam….. then don’t ignore the article below of lemontuoi.com!

I. Mirae Asset What is the company? Does MAFC scam customers?

1. What is Mirae Asset?

MAFC is the abbreviation of Mirae Asset Finance Vietnam Company, a subsidiary of Mirae Asset Global Financial Group, headquartered in Korea. This is a unit that provides customers with unsecured consumer loans and consumer loans with diversified collateral, simple procedures, quick disbursement with competitive interest rates.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 91 Pasteur, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC
  • Website: https://mafc.com.vn/
  • Tax code: 0311132506
  • Legal representative: Lee Yun Hyoung
  • Hotline Mirae Asset : *1234 or (028) 7300 – 7777 or (028) 9999 – 7777
  • Email : [email protected]

Operating since 2006 in the fields of finance, securities, investment, asset management, Mirae Asset is currently present in 15 countries, with a system of 200 offices and branches worldwide. MAFC opens up opportunities for customers to access effective and legal financial solutions, contributing to reducing the need for informal credit loans.

2. Mirae Asset belongs to which bank?

Mirae Asset is actually not a bank. There are many people who misunderstand and call Mirae Asset (MAFC) a bank. But this is just a consumer finance company.

Mirae Asset’s lending policies and regulations are also completely different from those of banks in Vietnam. At Mirae Asset, interest rates are much higher than banks. And Mirae Asset’s debt collection process is also stricter and tougher than that of banks. Therefore, you need to understand well that financial company Mirae Asset is not a bank.

3. Mirae Asset Are you scamming customers?

For a company with 100% foreign investment capital and many years of experience in the field of banking credit, the assessment Mirae Asset scam is completely untrue. MAFC is currently a leader in the financial market, its prestige is confirmed through its professionalism, dedication and policies that are suitable for users, so customers can rest assured.

Mirae Asset commits to always bring transparent online loan financial solutions with many benefits to customers. Contact information, product information, interest rate policy, and approval are always fully displayed on all media advertising publications, websites, and social networks in accordance with the State’s regulations.

However, now there are many bad actors who have taken customer information and created rumors at Mirae Asset for profit. The trick is very sophisticated by impersonating Mirae Asset employees to ask customers to send personal information such as: copies of ID cards, household registration, and salary statements and use them for malicious purposes, so Customers should note the following:

  • MAFC has a policy of no service fees, strictly prohibiting staff from collecting service fees from customers.
  • Staff Mirae AssetWhen receiving documents or consulting directly, they must wear an employee card with the company’s red stamped logo, if there is no customer, they must immediately stop the transaction and respond to the switchboard.
  • Do not arbitrarily provide personal information if you are unsure, when applying for an online unsecured loan, you can only enter information into a single website, which is the official website of the loan. Mirae Asset.

4. Loan details at MAFC

Loan form Borrow online on website/App
Loan procedure Various types of loans
Age 20 – 60 years old
Support area Nationwide
Borrowing limit 1 to 100 Million
Tenor 6 to 48 months
Interest rate 19%/year
Service charge
  • Household collection fee
  • Appraisal fee
  • Insurance premium 5.5%
  • Late payment fee
  • Prepayment fee
Time to receive money Get money in 5 minutes


II. Should I borrow money from Mirae Asset?

If you are in urgent need of money but can’t get a loan, you need to make sure you know the following information before deciding to sign a Mirae Asset loan contract or not:

  • Loan interest rate of each loan package.
  • Pay attention to proactively protect the safety of personal information.
  • Know the interest rate, loan interest calculation formula and possible fees.
  • Carefully review the contract and ask the consultant what you are not sure about before signing.
  • Choose the most suitable loan product and form of loan

1. Loan products at Mirae Asset financial company

Mirae Asset Finance offers a wide range of loan products so you can rest assured MAFC can meet most of your needs, including:

Cash loan

Diverse loan forms such as: Salary loan, loans under life insurance contracts, motorbike loans, loans according to bank statements, loans under unsecured contracts, etc.

  • High interest rate: From 2%/month.
  • Loan limit: From 15 to 100 million VND.

Borrowing to buy motorbikes and cars on installments

Including many loan packages such as: Installment motorbike loan, installment car loan, used car loan, …

  • Loan interest rate: From 1.92%/month.
  • Loan limit: From 100 million (motorcycle) – 10 billion (car).
  • Household registration of any province, currently residing in the place where Mirae Asset Finance office operates.
  • Income must be over 10 million VND/month if you borrow to buy a car.
  • 5.5% premium can be paid.
  • For the purchase of used cars, the term must not exceed 5 years.

Loan to buy electrical goods

Mirae Asset Finance provides loans for customers who are in need of buying laptops, phones, and home appliances at many electronics stores nationwide.

  • Support 0% interest rate.
  • The loan limit is 70 million VND.
  • Flexible loan term from 6 months to 36 months.
  • Household registration of any province, currently residing in the place where Mirae Asset Finance office operates.
  • May pay a 5.5% insurance premium depending on the value of the goods.

Borrow to buy educational and beauty products

At Mirae Asset Finance, you can borrow money quickly to pay for beauty services or when paying for tuition, travel, and weddings.

  • 0% interest rate offer.
  • Loan limit: 70 million VND
  • Loan term: From 6 to 36 months.

2. Quick Mirae Asset Loans

Mirae Asset Financial Company is supporting unsecured cash loans (you only need to meet one of the following requirements to easily borrow money online) in the following forms:

  • Salary loan
  • Borrowing according to ID card/Household book
  • Vya under business license
  • Borrow according to your bank statement
  • Borrowing under a life insurance policy
  • Borrowing according to electricity/water/postpaid service bills
  • Borrow a car

3. Advantages of Mirae Asset unsecured loans

  • As a large financial group, customers can be assured of safety and reputation.
  • High loan limit, ranging from 5 million to 100 million. This is a high loan limit compared to the level of financial companies in the market, suitable for those who need money to pay for a house, buy a car, …
  • MAFC loan term is flexible and quite long, from 6 months to 3 years.
  • The loan procedure is simple, just have ID card or SHK and some necessary documents depending on the requirements of each loan package such as electricity bill, salary statement, working contract…
  • All loan forms at Mirae Asset Finance do not need collateral, or guarantee from a third party
  • Review documents quickly by having a strong staff, completing the approval of unsecured loan documents from 3 to 5 days, shortening the waiting time and promptly meeting the financial needs of the borrower.

4. Disadvantages of Borrowing Mirae Asset

  • The interest rate on unsecured loans is quite high
  • Must have an owner car
  • There may be an additional insurance fee for the loan
  • Not known by many customers

5. Quick loan conditions Mirae Asset how?

  • Vietnamese citizen, age 20-60, valid ID/CCCD
  • Currently residing and having permanent residence in the Provinces/Cities where Mirae Asset’s office is located.
  • Transfer salary over 4.5 million (fastest loan approved)
  • Other conditions, according to the regulations on unsecured consumer loans of Mirae Asset from time to time.

6. Term, limit, interest rate when borrowing money Mirae Asset How?

The term of unsecured loans is quite flexible, from 6 to 48 months. Mirae Asset’s loan limit is also high, depending on the loan purpose, it can be disbursed up to 100 million VND. However, Mirae Asset’s unsecured interest rate is very high, from 24-55% with an insurance fee of 5.5% according to the principal amount, property appraisal fee.

For example: Customers borrow 35 million, installments for 36 months with an interest rate of 1.5%/month (19%/year), each month the customer will need to pay an amount of 1,282,960 VND and 12,000 VND collection fee.

The total amount after completing the loan payment is: 46,618,585 VND

III. Instructions to apply for a quick loan at Mirae Asset

Step 1: Apply for a loan Mirae Asset

Access the MAFC website by following the link below:


Then enter loan registration information such as full name, phone number, ID card/CCCD, income/month. Then press the button Apply for a quick loan.

Step 2: Staff contact the consultant

After receiving a loan request, MAFC staff will actively contact to advise necessary information about the loan. At the same time, answer all questions to help customers understand the loan, conditions, documents and loan process.

Step 3: Sign the contract

When choosing a suitable loan package, customers need to provide all necessary documents. MAFC staff will collect and complete the application to send to the appraisal department. After the loan application is approved, the customer needs to go to the company’s office to sign the official contract.

Step 4: Receive loan via bank transfer

After signing the loan contract, MAFC will transfer the loan amount to the customer through the bank account.

IV. Detailed instructions for quick loan payment at MAFC

Option 1: Pay by Post

Payment content: “Pay the collection on behalf of Mirae Asset, collection code 1313”.

Free transaction when paying post office

Option 2: Payment via Bank

  • Account number: Please enter exactly one of the accounts below


(at Sacombank – Branch: Tan Dinh)


(at Shinhanbank – Branch: HCMC)


(at HDBank – East Saigon)

  • The content is as follows: Contract number – Customer name

(Free transactions at the banks below – Please do not pay by ATM transfer)

Option 3: Pay via e-wallets payoo, zalopay, momo, viettelmoney, bankplus, Vietnamese wallet

  • Step 1: Download the e-wallet app at the App store.
  • Step 2: Download the My Finance app.
  • Step 3: Open and search for “Mirae Asset” or access the “Bill payment” section and select the Mirae Asset financial loan payment function.
  • Step 4: Enter the contract number.
  • Step 5: Check payment confirmation information.

V. Some frequently asked questions

Does Mirae Asset loan accept bad debt?

Mirae Asset does not support people with a history of bad debt. If you have bad debt, you can refer to some reputable financial companies to provide Other online loan apps like Robocash, Doctordong….

How to calculate Mirae Asset loan interest rate?

Interest calculated on the reducing balance: That is, the interest each month will be gradually reduced according to the outstanding balance over each month, quarter and year. The calculation of interest payable is as follows:

  • Principal per month = loan amount / number of months borrowed
  • Interest payable for the first month = loan amount * monthly interest rate
  • Interest payable in the following months = remaining principal * monthly loan interest

Interest calculated on the principal balance: With this calculation, each month you have to pay a fixed amount of money, calculated according to the original principal balance until the end of the loan term. The calculation of interest on the principal balance is:

  • Interest payable per month = loan amount * fixed monthly consumer loan interest rate

I have a loan at Mirae Asset, when can I borrow again?

Mirae Asset does not accept bad debt, so you need to make sure to pay off the new loan before you can apply for another loan. Or if you borrow from other parties, you need to make sure that the loan has been properly and fully paid within 6 months

Thank you for following the article! Hope the information about borrowing money Mirae Asset (MAFC) has helped you to have more choices and trust the experience.

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