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Shopee khuyến mãi Tết 2022 có gì? Note ngay những chương trình khuyến mãi tết 2022 HOT nhất

To hunt for deals to prepare for Tet, besides Lazada, everyone can go to shopee too! Shopee New Year promotion 2022 There are many HOT deals not inferior to Lazada. You will certainly save a lot when shopping on shopee in the days approaching Tet 2021.


1. When does the 2022 Tet promotion on Shopee take place?

Shopee New Year promotion 2022 starting from January 1 to January 15. Every day shopee will promote according to 1 theme – 1 category, the most explosive day is January 15. You can follow this link to follow the shopee super sale schedule or follow it directly under this article!

From today, Shopee has launched a lot of vouchers that are hot deals on the topic of each day so you can comfortably hunt for early sales as well as see hot deals on the products you are interested in.

2. What’s HOT about shopee’s Tet promotion event in 2022?

2.1. Shopee free shipping nationwide

This is probably the Shopee promotion that customers love the most. During the 2022 Tet promotion event on shopee, freeSsip code is released every day from January 1 to January 14 at 4 time frames: 0H – 9H – 12H – 21H.

Particularly on January 15, you can get the free shipping code 0Đ at 6 time frames: 0H – 9H – 12H – 15H – 18H – 21H! As soon as you turn the code, you should use it immediately to avoid running out of turns.

This is a 15k freeship voucher, applicable for orders from 0VND with all shipping units on shopee: Fast Delivery, Economical Delivery, Viettel Post, Vietnam Post, J&T Express, Ninja Van, Shopee Express, Grab, NowShip .

These codes have a certain number, so please save them quickly! You can go to this link to get the shopee free shipping code or visit the lemontuoi shopee discount code article to get the fastest code.

2.2. Hunting Shopee discount codes every day

During the shopee promotion New Year 2022 event, every day you will be able to hunt for discount codes that are opened early and wait until January 15 to use.

  • 8.1 – Save the voucher for the Consumer goods industry in advance.
  • 9.1 – Save international voucher in advance.
  • 10.1 – Save the Electronic voucher in advance.
  • 11.1 – Save the Fashion voucher in advance.
  • 12.1 – Pre-save the Lifestyle voucher.
  • 13.1 – Save the whole floor voucher in advance.
  • 14.1 – Save the voucher in advance before G.

In addition to discount codes that apply to the entire floor, in the article shopee discount codes on lemontuoi, I have updated all shopee vouchers for each category. You can go there to get the code before ordering to save maximum costs.

  • Voucher when paying with ShopeePay wallet, 10% off up to 88K minimum orders from 0VND.
  • Voucher when paying with ShopeePay wallet, discount 8K minimum orders from 0VND.
  • Shop vouchers.

2.3. Hunt for vouchers before WOOD time

Similar to the previous sales, Shopee New Year promotion 2022 also has a series of vouchers appearing before G. Vouchers will start appearing at 9PM on January 14 and a new voucher will appear every 30 minutes for you. save and use at 0H. Specifically:

  • 21H – Save the voucher 50K in advance.
  • 21h30 – Save 100K voucher in advance.
  • 22H – Save 200K voucher in advance.
  • 22:30 – Save 200K voucher in advance.
  • 23H – Save 300K voucher in advance.
  • 23h30 – Save 400K voucher in advance.

The number of vouchers is limited, so as soon as it arrives at 0:00 on January 15, please use it right away before it runs out. Currently, this voucher is a discount or a coin voucher is still unknown and the minimum order has not been revealed. Fresh Lemon will fully update you as soon as possible!

2.4. 88% refund voucher

On the occasion of Shopee’s Tet promotion, Shopee has a favor for the number 8 – the number is considered lucky, so the coin refund voucher for this January 15th also carries the number 88. Shopee will give you 88% coin-back vouchers as lucky money. in the golden hours on January 15, specifically:

  • 0:00 on January 15: 88% refund voucher up to 888K orders from 0VND.
  • 9h – 12h – 15h – 18h – 21h on January 15: Voucher refunds 88% up to 88K orders from 0VND.

You can visit Chanh Tuoi’s page to update the discount code as soon as possible.


2.5. Surprise voucher of the day

Still with 2 familiar time frames at 10am – 4pm, a surprise voucher or a surprise lucky draw will be launched by Shopee.

As follows:

  • 10H – 100K refund voucher for orders from 500K.
  • 16h – 30K refund voucher for orders from 0VND.

Voucher will be launched in large quantities but still limited, please save the code quickly and use it to hunt for the products available in the cart. Save the earliest code here.

2.6. Hunting for HOT deals with the same price 1k – 9k

In the shopee promotion event for Tet 2022, you definitely can’t miss the deal with the same price of 1K – 9K! These are all genuine products from those reputable shops. You can go to this link to choose the 1K – 9K deal you like!


2.7. Flash Sale at midnight at 0H – 2H – Shopee promotion up to 99% off

This is the golden hour frame with a lot of great deals, that HOT deal. Such as:

  • All shopee discount codes are valid from 0:00. If you don’t order now, the code will expire
  • Free shopee shipping codes for orders from 50k are also available in this time frame
  • New Year’s Market – Flash sale thunders and sells new products: every 30 minutes
  • Hot Deals up to 70% off
  • Shopee 50% cashback code applies to the whole floor and applies to different industries separately.

Link to preview the new updated midnight Flash sale products every day here.

2.8. Sale time frame every day

In addition to the 0H – 2H time frame, shopee also has other sales hunting time frames for you. The 2022 Tet promotion event also has the following main points you need to note:

Save vouchers in advance – Watch Shopee Live

  • Save early pick up voucher: Every day from 8.1 to 14.1.
  • Save voucher before G time: From 22h to 23h30 on January 14.
  • Watch Shopee Live from 8:30 PM to 10:00 PM on January 14.
  • Update notice to save exclusive vouchers from Fresh Lemon.

The golden time frame to remember the day of Shopee Tet promotion 15.1


  • Hunting vouchers to refund up to 888K coins.
  • Hunting Buy 1 get 1 deals from reputable Shops. You can refer to the products in this list.
  • Hunting for a single FreeShip code from 0Đ.


  • Hunt for 88% coin refund code up to 88K.
  • Hunting for a single FreeShip code from 0Đ.
  • Hunt for exclusive deals on genuine Tet gifts at this link


  • Hunting vouchers to suddenly refund 100K.


  • Hunting for a single FreeShip code from 0Đ.
  • Hunting vouchers to refund 88% up to 88K.
  • Hunt for Xtra Xtra.
  • Hunt for Shopee Food deals with 50% off.


  • Hunting for a single FreeShip code from 0Đ.
  • Hunting vouchers to refund 88% up to 88K.
  • Find international deals at this link.


  • Hunting for a surprise voucher to refund 30K.


  • Hunting for a single FreeShip code from 0Đ.
  • Hunting vouchers to refund 88% up to 88K.


  • Hunting for a single FreeShip code from 0Đ.
  • Hunting vouchers to refund 88% up to 88K.
  • Hunt for deals 0D, deals 1K, 9K, 68K at this link

2.9. Super Voucher Package – Buy 1 get 20

Super voucher package is one of the latest offers at Shopee. There are many super voucher packages that are open for sale every day with great promotions. You only buy 1 and get 10, buy 1 get 20 too.

When buying a super voucher package, you will save more with super valuable vouchers including a variety of vouchers: discount vouchers, cashback vouchers, free shipping vouchers. Save up to 700k but no joke.

Shopee is currently selling a 30k super voucher package – saving you 700k with 20 vouchers with a super voucher package of ONLY 1K. What a super voucher package!


2.10. Exclusive offer from Shopee Mall

Coming to the upcoming Shopee Tet promotion 2022, you will be able to participate in the program: Shopee Mall Challenge Get huge coins every day.

The program runs from January 8 to January 15. Each day will have a challenge for you to complete. When completing the challenge, you will receive the number of coins corresponding to the rules of the program.

Just completing the extremely easy challenges every day you have already received more coins, specifically the coin hunting schedule I will leave the picture below, extremely easy and attractive right!

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Where is Shopee Game? – Instructions on how to play and receive rewards

What is Shopee flash sale? What to keep in mind when buying Flash Sale products

2.11. Big deal Shopee Premium BUY 1 GET 1

Shopee Premium is a reputable shopping address for genuine season lovers. Only when Shopee has a huge sale like Shopee’s Tet promotion will Shopee Premium have a hot sale offer like this.

To celebrate the upcoming Shopee New Year 15/1, Shopee Premium will have a deposit program to receive big gifts from big brands. And the program this time is to give attractive gifts buy 1 get 1 free plus a strong discount.

How to join:

  • Step 1: You choose the product sets participating in the program.
  • Step 2: Add to cart and select deposit first and then pay 10% of the order value (Deposit time from 8.1 – 13.1).
  • Step 3: Pay the remaining 90% on January 15.

Just follow these steps and you will receive Shopee Premium’s buy 1 get 1 free offer. This pre-booking offer is very rare, so be quick to take advantage of this offer. It is revealed that Shopee Premium’s gift is extremely terrible.

Note: Offer is only applicable at Shopee app.

2.12. Shopee Tet gift basket

Only at 9 a.m. on January 15, some major brands will strongly reduce prices for some product lines. This is like a Tet gift basket for customers, because it’s a gift from Shopee, so you don’t need to worry about the “greatness” of these deals.

Specifically, Shopee 15.1 promotional Tet gift baskets:

Senka Tet gift basket:

Senka White Rose Skin Care Set – Anti-aging Senka down from 1,061K remaining 599K

  • 01 SRM prevents aging and reduces wrinkles Perfect Whip Collagen In 120g.
  • 01 White Beauty Glow Gel Cream night cream 50g.
  • 01 White Beauty UV Cream SPF 25 PA ++ 50g day cream to whiten skin & reduce dark spots.
  • 01 White Beauty Lotion I soften & whiten skin 200ml.
  • 01 White Beauty whitening serum 35g.


Unilever Tet gift basket:

OLDombo TRESEMME Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner Nourishes dry, frizzy hair, Salon standard formula Into Smooth Smoothness 640g, 620g down from 370K left 279K.


OHUI Tet gift basket:

O HUI Prime Advancer Special 7-step anti-aging moisturizer set reduced from 6,030K to 3,250K.

  • OHUI Prime Advancer Skin Softener Anti-Aging Toner 150ml.
  • OHUI Prime Advancer Skin Softener Anti-Aging Toner 20ml.
  • OHUI Prime Advancer Emulsion 130ml
  • OHUI Prime Advancer Emulsion Anti-Aging Lotion 20ml.
  • OHUI Prime Advancer Serum Anti-Aging Essence 10ml.
  • OHUI Prime Advancer Ampoule Capture Cream 7ml anti-aging cream.
  • OHUI Prime Advancer Eye Cream 5ml.
  • OHUI Prime Advancer Gel Cleanser 40ml
  • OHUI Prime Advancer Ampoule Mask 3-in-1 3-in-1 anti-aging mask 37ml.


2.13. Shopee games

Participating in shopee games, you will have the opportunity to relax as well as earn more shopee Coins for shopping. In the shopee promotion Tet 2022 program, there will be many games for you to participate in! Specifically:

Games available on Shopee app:

  • Knife Throwing Challenge
  • Shopee Farm
  • Smash Shopee candy
  • Shopee Coins

The most special in this Shopee Tet promotion is the “What’s this number” program. This is a familiar mini game every time Shopee has a huge sale, you just need to choose your favorite number and wait for Shopee to dial, if the correct number you choose, you will have a reward.

Because it is a hot sale, the reward this time is also extremely attractive, from 1.1 to 15.1, there will be different attractive rewards with the most attractive reward of 20 million and a Toyota Vios worth 478 million VND.

Join the game “What number is this” right here.


In sales like this, there will be a lot of HOT deals, but if you don’t have experience hunting deals, you won’t be able to own the items you need at the best prices.

Is it difficult to hunt deals on shopee? It’s really not as difficult as many of you think! In this article, I have detailed instructions on how to hunt deals on shopee to make sure everyone can. You can visit this link for reference.

But you still have to remember that even though the goods are cheap, the most important thing is still the quality! Please go to this article to refer to the quality buying experience on shopee, how to identify a reputable seller, which product is good? – Link

Hopefully with the information I share in the article, it will help you grasp the fastest, specific and detailed shopee event, Tet promotion 2021, what’s HOT! Don’t forget to follow the fanpage lemontuoi to update all the offers on shopee!

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