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Top 10 cân tiểu ly được ưa chuộng nhất hiện nay

For bakers Jewellery scales Electronics are indispensable items in the kitchen cabinet. When making cakes, there are ingredients that are added in a very small amount such as yeast, salt…, now you really need a scale to be able to accurately measure the ratio of ingredients. Only when the ingredients are measured accurately can your cake achieve the highest success rate.

If you do not know about this type of scale, let’s find out through the following article.

1. What is a urine scale?

Small scale scale is a type of scale with a compact design used to accurately measure and measure small or small items. Scales usually have a compact design, are easy to use and have a smaller error rate than other common scales.

Each small electronic scale has different units of measurement, which can be grams, kilograms, pounds, ounces, carats … Depending on your needs, you can convert and use the measurement unit of the electric scale. suitable death.

2. Uses

In fact, this scale is widely used in life, often used to measure objects of small size or weight such as gold, silver, precious metals, medicines, herbs and medicinal herbs.

In addition, the scale is also used in laboratories, chemical research, and is used by many women to weigh ingredients for cooking and baking.

With a wide range of uses, electronic scales are increasingly diverse in models, designs and features to ensure that they meet the needs of consumers.

3. Criteria for choosing to buy a small scale

3.1. Choose a scale based on the intended use

Due to the variety of small scale scales in terms of design, design, weight and features, users need to consider based on the purpose of use to choose the right balance and bring the best efficiency.

If you want to buy a scale to serve the business, trade in gold, silver, and gems, you need to choose a scale with high accuracy and small load. If you buy to use in weighing ingredients for baking, you should choose a scale with a capacity of 5kg instead of a scale with a load of only 1kg.

3.2. Choose scales by style and design

The scales with compact, beautiful design will certainly be more attractive, right? The compact scale will help you save space and easily carry it anywhere in your pocket.

Choose a scale with an electronic LCD screen to easily observe the weight of the object to be measured and a button right on the surface of the scale to make it easier to manipulate when using.

3.3. Price of scales

Currently, on the market, there are many types of scales with different prices from the popular segment to the high-end segment ranging from a few tens of thousands to several million dong.

Therefore, depending on the need to use the weight and the accuracy of the scale, you can choose the appropriate type of balance.

3.4. Brand of scale

When choosing to buy a certain product, do you ever care about the brand of the product. The answer is probably “Yes”.

Scales with reputable, familiar and widely used brands will surely attract you more, right? Because, with the psychology of most customers, products with reputable brands will be more appreciated for the quality, warranty and durability of the product.

3.5. Scale error

To ensure that your weighing process is most effective, you should choose weighing products with the lowest possible error level, but still ensure that they are suitable for the intended use.

3.6. Choose to buy at a reputable place

To ensure that you can buy a scale with good quality, reasonable price and high durability, you should choose to buy at reputable addresses. Reputable stores can guarantee the best interests for you if problems arise such as damage, technical errors or when you need support.

4. Notes when using

Each scale only has a certain maximum weight, so absolutely do not measure objects that exceed the maximum weight of the scale.

This scale should not be used in places where the temperature changes are too great. Avoid leaving the scale in a location exposed to frequent sunlight, wind, and water because it will certainly reduce the life of the scale.

The scale should be placed on a firm flat surface when in use, placing the object to be weighed in the middle to avoid shifting to one side.

5. Instructions for using the scale

To use it, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: The scale is powered by AAA batteries, so it doesn’t have to be plugged in. Before using the product, pay attention to check that the device has a battery, if not, you need to install enough batteries to start using.
  • Step 2: Press the power button to start the scale. At this time, the display of the scale will display the number “0”.

Surely many of you have used this scale without knowing the great tare feature of this scale. That is, you will only measure the weight of the object to be weighed without having to include the weight of the container containing it (for example, using a bowl or bowl to store the object to be weighed is yeast, salt…).

There are 2 ways to use the tare feature for each type of balance:

+ If the scale has a “TARE” button: after pressing the power button and the display shows the number “0”, you put the container (bowl, bowl…) on the scale, wait until the number shows the weight. of the container is displayed stably, keep pressing the “TARE” button, the display will return to “0”.

+ If the scale does not have a “TARE” button: after pressing the power button and the display shows the number “0”, you put the container (bowl, bowl…) on the scale, wait until the number shows the weight. The volume of the container is displayed stably, keep pressing the power button again, this time the display will show “0” again.

  • Step 3: Place the object to be weighed on the scale.
  • Step 4: The weight of the object to be weighed will be displayed on the screen.
  • Step 5: Turn off the product when the weighing process is done. In case you forget to turn it off, the scale will also have the auto power off function so you won’t have to worry about running out of battery if you forget to turn it off.

In addition, some scales have an additional control button ”PCS” used to count quantities with the following usage:

+ Put the number of sample items to be counted on the scale according to the ratio of 25/50/75/100 of “PCS” (accuracy will increase gradually according to your number of items).

+ Press and hold the “PCS” button for about 5 seconds, the display will show the numbers flashing 25/50/75/100 press continue button [PCS] or UNIT to select the correct number of samples you have ordered. Then press the “PCS” (UNIT) button again, if the screen shows the “PCS” (UNIT) button and the numbers don’t flash, you’ve completed the setup.

+ After completing the setting for the scale, remove all sample items from the scale, the display will return to “0”.

+ Put all the number of items you want to count on the scale, now the machine can count the number of items for you most accurately.

6. Top 10 best-selling genuine kitchen utensils

High-end kitchen electronic scale 2021 MIFAN

The 2021 MIFAN high-end kitchen electronic scale is compact and super accurate with a load of 0.01 – 10kg.

Salient features:

– High quality stainless steel material, super durable ABS plastic, sharp LCD display.

– Durable AAA battery helps to use the scale stably for a long time.

– High accuracy thanks to the integration of the latest measuring technology to help you weigh accurately, achieving maximum efficiency according to the intended use.

– Space saving with compact design and outstanding functionality, you can easily store in a neat kitchen shelf.

– Easy to clean after use with a clean towel to remove stains extremely quickly, keeping the scale as beautiful as new.

– Diverse applications for weighing food, baking, jewelry…

Tiross kitchen scale TS817

The TS817 5kg small scale is a simple tool to help housewives calculate the calories in daily recipes.

Salient features:

– A highly reliable and accurate electronic scale that helps you accurately measure the weight of nutritional ingredients in each dish.

– Body and weighing pan are made of stainless steel, stable in use and maintenance-free.

– Elegant design, elegant color beautify your kitchen space.

– 13mm LCD screen shows clear numbers.

– Compact design, easy to store.

Tiross TS1301 . electronic kitchen scale

Tiross TS1301 electronic kitchen scale has a slim body, measuring range from 2g – 5kg.

Salient features:

– High accuracy: The scale is equipped with 4 high-precision sensors.

– The high quality LCD display can be clearly displayed even in bright environments and the scale will automatically turn off if you forget it.

– Easy to clean.

Ultra-precise electronic scale Precision

The scale has a load capacity of 0.1g – 3kg, using AAA batteries designed to be very delicate and beautiful.

Salient features:

– The scale is compact in size, so it is very convenient to use and store.

– The scale has an extremely modern design, high stability, accuracy and durability.

– It is the ideal device for weighing cosmetics, herbs, food, medical, medicine…

– In addition, the scale has a function to count the number.

Electronic kitchen scale TS-200

The scale uses 2 AA batteries. Maximum load: 1kg – 2kg – 3kg – 6kg – 10kg.

Salient features:

– The scale has the function of subtracting tare and counting.

– Scales have modern design, compact size, high accuracy, stability, widely used in production, kitchen, medicine,…

– The scale has an LCD screen with LED light so you can easily use it in low light environments.

– The scale is cheap, but its use is great thanks to the high maximum load and the error of only 0.1g.

Electronic kitchen scale Laica KS1016

Laica KS1016 micro scale is a nutritional balance line dedicated to the kitchen, large screen design.

Salient features:

– Clear LCD display.

– TARE function (Allows weighing to add the next item without removing the previously weighed item from the scale).

– High quality ABS plastic shell.

– Large weighing tray, easy to lift off.

– Maximum weight 3kg, smallest division 1g.

– Clear display, automatically power off when not in use.

Electronic kitchen scale Ebalance Kitchen Scale

The scale has a maximum load capacity of 3kg.

Salient features:

– Super clear LCD screen.

– Scales with tare subtraction function.

– High precision and durable operation.

– Beautifully designed products.

– Compact, convenient to use, store in many cases.

Electronic kitchen scale SF-400C

This is a very beautiful and elegant luxury scale, compact and convenient, with a maximum payload of 5kg.

The scale is elegantly designed, luxurious and modern, with high accuracy, clear display numbers.

The product is suitable for use in weighing food, measuring ingredients in cooking and baking.

Salient features:

– Auto power off prolongs battery life.

– Display low battery warning (Depending on type, some have flashing type…).

– Control keys, simple in the process of use.

– Convert between measurement units easily.

– Tare subtraction feature.

– Use the batteries included in the product.

– Designed with anti-electromagnetic interference circuit to keep the scale stable and accurate even when placed near production places, televisions, phones,…

Electronic kitchen scale TANITA KD-192

TANITA KD-192 electronic balance with high accuracy and error level of only 0.1-1g even though the scale has a load of 2kg.

The weighing surface is covered with a removable plastic layer, the other parts are made of safe ABS plastic.

Salient features:

– Used in manufacturing, manufacturing, kitchen, office, medical…

– High precision, easy-to-read bright digital LCD display.

– Battery self-test function, automatic power off.

– The scale can select the error at 3 different levels.

– The device achieves class III accuracy according to OIML standards.

– Compact design.

– Plastic sheet has 3 kinds of colors: pink, green, red… removable for easy cleaning.

Great British Salter 1036UJBKDR Small Scale

The scale is luxuriously designed with a stainless metal surface with British flag motifs.

Salient features:

– Genuinely imported from the UK, very trusted in Vietnam market.

– The kitchen electronic scale has an ultra-thin, compact size of 16cm x 18cm x 2cm.

– Electronic scale uses batteries, so it is extremely convenient, easy to carry and use anywhere.

– The maximum weight of the scale is 5kg, equipped with an LCD screen with dimensions of 5.6 x 2.5 cm to help users easily read the results.

– In addition to weighing scales, the scale also integrates the Aquatronic function to measure liquids with higher accuracy.

– Flat leveling surface makes it suitable for use with most bowls or containers.

Perhaps through the above article you have learned more about the small kitchen scale, its uses, selection criteria, notes when using and how to use this scale. In addition, if you want to choose to buy yourself a genuine mini scale, please refer to the top 10 small scale scales sold on the e-commerce platform I just introduced above.

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