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Top 12 thương hiệu sale KHỦNG mừng sinh nhật Lazada 10 tuổi không thể bỏ qua

Lazada 2022’s birthday, marking 10 years old in Vietnam, is also the opening promotion for the new year. This is considered one of the three biggest incentive programs invested by Lazada in the year. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that Lazada is willing to spend and shopaholics like us are eagerly looking forward to this event.


What’s HOT on Lazada’s 10th birthday in 2022? Of course, there will be countless great deals happening in 3 days from March 27 to March 29. In which the most preferential day that you need to note is March 27 and the deepest sale time frame is 0-2 o’clock that night. In order for you not to get “lost” in the promotion forest, in the middle of the promotion place, I will immediately reveal to you 12 genuine brands that will have the BEST deals that you cannot miss this occasion.

Top 12 brands with HUGE sales to celebrate Lazada’s 10th birthday cannot be ignored.

I’m a perfectionist, so I choose to recommend to you as I shop. The number 1 priority is always a brand with a long-standing name that is known, favored and familiar to many people. Of course, the authenticity is 100% guaranteed. The number 2 priority is to choose the cheapest products that are worth your time to buy. But there is no place to buy a few items but only a few thousand cheaper than having a few thousand, so why not stay up late, why buy online, right?

The first bloody experience at each sale is that you have to collect as soon as possible and complete all Lazada discount codes. Don’t forget this time there is also a new code called a cumulative voucher with a total discount of 9 billion. Adding this code, buying on Lazada now can not only apply 4 vouchers at the same time, but increase it to 5. If you are not sure how to use it, see here: Detailed instructions on how to apply 5 LAZADA discount codes in 1 order

1. Household items Tefal

Tefal is a brand specializing in manufacturing household appliances from France that is chosen and trusted by many customers. The brand is famous for its product lines such as: air fryer, super speed kettle, blender,…

Participating in the top brands on Lazada 2022’s birthday sale, Tefal offers the following incentives:

  • Luckyraw: A program for customers who order on March 27 and are selected by Tefal through random lucky numbers:

+ First prize: 1 iPhone Promax

+ Second prize: Tefal product set 10 million VND

+ Third prize: Tefal product set 5 million VND

  • Extra gift for order:

+ Orders from 900k-1999k: Free 359k Pan or 379k Wok

+ Orders from 2000k-3499k: get 517k pan or 699k kettle or 899k table fan

+ Orders from 3500k: get a set of pots and pans 2,299k

*Does not apply to products with gifts

+ 10k voucher for orders from 300k

+ Voucher 20k for orders from 500k

+ Voucher 50k for orders from 1 million VND

+ Voucher 100k for orders from 2 million VND

+Voucher 150k for orders from 4 million VND

+ 3 million voucher for orders from 10 million VND

+ Voucher 1 million for orders from 4 million VND

+ Voucher 200k for orders from 3.5 million VND

+Voucher 150k for orders from 2 million VND

+ Voucher 70k for orders from 1 million VND

+ Voucher 30k for orders from 500k

Top hot deals from Tefal on Lazada’s birthday

2. Vera

VERA lingerie is a high-end lingerie brand with technology from Japan, inspiring women with elegant European-style design. Besides the traditional stores, Vera is now present at e-commerce sites to help customers across the country easily shop with many attractive promotions.

In this Lazada birthday promotion on Lazada, Vera offers a buy 3 program to get 20% off, hot deals for only 1k, 11k and Flash sale up to 60% of many products.

Especially on the occasion of Lazada Lock&Lock’s birthday, there will be a huge discount on all products up to 50%, giving away an attractive voucher.

Full day voucher:

– Discount 9k for dh from 149k

– Discount 39k for dh 399k

– 12% off cap 100k for order 499k

– Hunting voucher: 300k for orders from 0đ

– Flexible combo: Buy 2 get 10% off – Buy 3 get 15% off

Top hot deals from Vera lingerie on Lazada March 27-29

3. Tefal

Tefal is a trusted, famous French brand that is being used by housewives to cook delicious and healthy meals for the whole family. Tefal is one of six strong household brands invested and developed by Groupe SEB – France since 1956, specializing in providing household products such as pans, pots, iron, fan, blender, juicer, etc. With good quality, luxurious design, safe for health, giving you peace of mind and more convenience with kitchen work. Now Tefal has officially distributed at Lazada, especially with a very deep discount on birthdays, so you should take advantage of the selection right away.

  • Hunting for 200k, 500k vouchers in golden hours from March 27 to March 29
  • Gift sets worth 1 million, 2 million, 5 million for the highest order
  • Buy 1 get 1 free with valuable and practical gifts
  • Free shipping

Top products Tefal birthday promotion Lazada should buy

4. Paula’s Choice

Paula’s Choice is the leading safe cosmetic brand in the United States. All products are made with natural ingredients, do not contain colorants, fragrances, suitable for even sensitive skin. For some countries with special climates, Paula’s Choice also always favors the production of products containing ingredients that are suitable for the skin characteristics of that area. So if you are looking for a product for your skin, this is the top brand to choose from. Especially on the occasion of the 10th birthday, Lazada is having a huge promotion with all products of this brand.

  • Preferential deposit discount of 50%, receive big gifts but also 100% guarantee to buy cheap goods.
  • Exclusive discount voucher 100k
  • Free shipping nationwide

Top products Paula’s Choice birthday promotion Lazada should buy

5. Oppo

Oppo phone lines are designed with sophistication, youthfulness and modernity to hit the tastes of young users. Not only that, the colors of Oppo phones are quite fashionable with elegant colors such as: silver, white, pink. Not only possessing a beautiful design, high configuration, but Ooppo phones are also equipped with impressive photography cameras, allowing to capture all the beautiful scenes in the frame, convenient for taking group selfies, but Don’t be afraid of losing this person and missing the other. Therefore, this is a smartphone brand that is especially popular with young people today.

If you have missed Oppo’s super products, don’t hesitate to book an appointment and visit Lazada on your next birthday on March 27. Oppo is genuine distributed at Lazada with 12 month warranty, 1 for 1 exchange in 30 days but also up to 50% off.

Top products Oppo birthday promotion Lazada should buy

6. AHC

AHC (short for Aesthetic Hydration Cosmetics) is a popular brand in the Korean cosmetics paradise established in 1999. With the effectiveness of AHC’s focus on needs and understanding of skin care, products of AHC has been widely known and favored in many other countries such as China, Thailand, Japan.. and Vietnam. AHC’s brand philosophy is that AestheBalance consists of 3 elements that combine: constantly updated skin care research methods, delicately formulated ingredients and optimal use methods to produce the best results. One of AHC’s key products with the achievement of selling one product every 2 seconds in Korea is AHC The Eye Cream for Face for the whole face. If you have missed the end or want to try AHC’s products once, don’t miss this Lazada 9 2021 birthday.

Opportunity to hunt Flash Voucher worth 199k, golden hour gift of 10ml mini eye cream worth 238k for the first 99 orders from 0h-2h on March 27. Extremely attractive.

Top products Oppo birthday promotion Lazada should buy

7. MAC

MAC whose full name is Make-up Art Comestic with headquarters located in New York City. The specialty of MAC is that most of MAC’s products are oil-free, available in a variety of colors and are always at the forefront of the latest makeup trends. MAC is famous for its beauty, color adhesion, rich and diverse color palette, beautiful pictures suitable for catwalks, actors on stage and besides, many women choose MAC to daily use. This is one of the high-end cosmetic brands, so the price is not cheap. So occasions like Lazada’s birthday will be a good opportunity for you to shop for quality genuine MAC products at a discounted price.

  • 20% off when buying any 2 products
  • Free MAC high-end bag for every order
  • Free Fix + Fullsize Mineral Spray for orders from 1 million 5

Top products for Lazada birthday promotion to buy

3. Estee Lauder

At the forefront of innovation, sophistication and unsurpassed quality, Estée Lauder is one of the world’s most renowned beauty brands. The products that contribute to Estée Lauder’s brand are cosmetic and skin care sets. In addition, this brand also has perfumes and hair care products. For more than 65 years, Estée Lauder has held true to the philosophy inspired by its founder: “Every Woman Can Be Beautiful”. This is also the number 1 best-selling skincare brand that is popular with women at Lazada. Genuine products, special prices, are super good on promotions, so you should take advantage of this time to shop.

Estee Lauder is running a pre-deposit program from March 13 to 26, receiving exclusive gifts. Please close this opportunity now!

Top products Estee Lauder birthday promotion Lazada should buy

9. Colgate

Colgate is one of the brands owned by the company Colgate-Palmolive is an American multinational consumer products company focused on the manufacture, distribution and supply of household products. health care products and personal products, such as soaps, detergents, and oral hygiene products. Presently Colgate is the leading dental care brand in the world, and Palmolive is the #1 body care brand in Australia.

Colgate is now officially present at Lazada, especially on the 9th birthday, there will be a super good discount program. In addition to the discount, there are also attractive gifts, buy 300k, get a pan from Tefal super good 299k + voucher for 35k discount + Freeship max. Top 3 highest orders from 400k will receive 1 more LG Xboom 1290k speaker

Top Colgate products with birthday promotion Lazada should buy

10. Enfa

Enfa milk is a product line imported directly from the US. They are researched and manufactured by the Mead Johnson brand. This is the number 1 prestigious brand of nutritional products in the US. Enfa milk is considered a nutritional product line that is very popular with mothers around the world today. The product offers many great nutritional values.

Lazada’s Birthday from March 27 to March 29 Enfa gives you a gift – Buy 1 get 9

  • Total gifts up to 999 million
  • Give away a gift set of 9 items with a total value of 1.5 million VND
  • Countless attractive gifts: Sukin, Dettol, Soc Bong natural cosmetics according to each time frame
  • Free shipping nationwide

Top products Enfa birthday promotion Lazada should buy

Above are 10 genuine brands with the biggest discounts on Lazada’s 9th birthday coming here. In particular, I also revealed the products that will be open for sale at a shocking price with a sale time frame for your convenience to book a sale. Hopefully, the information that I share will be of great help to you in this WOW 50% birthday. Don’t forget to comment on the item you bought at a good price below for everyone to share in the fun!

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