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Top 15 hạt giống hoa dễ trồng, nở quanh năm cho người yêu hoa

If you like to see flowers, in your spare time, buy it flower seeds And take a little care to enjoy the joy of flowers every day.

Here are the Top 15 easy-to-grow, year-round flowers that you can consider to plant in your yard, balcony or fence, even in small pots.

1. Butterfly pea flower seeds

Butterfly pea flower belongs to the group of herbaceous plants, the soft stem is often surrounded by small hairs, has the characteristics of toughness, can stick around other objects, the stem can be up to 15-17m long, so it is often used for decoration. fence or gate. The plant is used as medicine and food.

– How to grow: Soak the butterfly pea seeds in warm water for 30 minutes (2 boiling 3 cold) and incubate in a warm towel for about 1 day when the seeds crack, then sow. After sowing, cover with a thin layer of soil from 1-2cm. Irrigate with a light sprinkler. Cover the newly sown seed for about 2 days. Watering twice a day. Butterfly pea plants are very easy to germinate, so you can also skip the soaking step and sow the seeds directly, watering regularly.

– Care: In the dry season and when the tree is developing roots and young shoots, it is necessary to water it fully twice a day, early morning or cool afternoon. Regularly check and conduct drainage for plants.

After planting butterfly peas for 20 days, dilute nitrogen fertilizer with water to irrigate plants every 2 weeks. 45 days later, fertilize the plants with a ratio of 3:3:1 including urea, phosphate, and NPK fertilizers. Once a month, fertilize like this until the plant is about to flower.

When the tree is bud, it is necessary to provide more potassium, or KCL fertilizer for the plant. After each flowering, it is necessary to add rotted manure around the base of the butterfly pea, to balance the nutrients that nourish the plant.

Make a trellis for the tree in the shape of an A. If you plant the tree near a wall, or fence, you can let the tree climb on its own. Regularly prune branches, clean the butterfly pea garden without scattering nutrients.

2. Dwarf sunflower seeds

In the language of flowers, the sunflower is seen as a flower that represents faithful love. Dwarf sunflower flowers are single, very large, with a diameter of 7-10cm, bright yellow very eye-catching. Dwarf sunflower season lasts from October to May next year. The two main flower crops are April-May and November-December. The plant will flower after 60-65 days of planting.

– How to grow: Soak sunflower seeds in warm water of 40 – 50 degrees Celsius for about 8 hours to quickly germinate, then incubate the seeds in a damp paper towel for 1 day for the seeds to crack. Then, sow the seeds into coir pellets (treated) about 2 cm deep, water with mist to keep them moist. After 7-10 days, the seeds will germinate. Plants about 40 cm high, planted in garden soil or prepared pots.

Care: Sunflowers love light, so they need direct sunlight for at least 6 hours/day. When the tree is 1 month old, fertilize with dilute fertilizer for better growth, then apply once every 10 days.

When the plant was 40-45 days old, the shoots appeared in the axils of the leaves, then remove all the buds in the leaf axils, keeping only one main bud. Cut dead leaves, pull weeds, dig the soil around the base to help plants grow better. From 60-65 days after sowing, the plant will bloom profusely.

3. Periwinkle flower seeds

Periwinkle flowers are often grown in pots and hung on gardens, balconies, easy to grow, easy to care for, especially very adaptable to many different climates. The stem is pale green when young, turns pink-purple in old age with many short hairs. The bisexual petals have 5 petals with many different colors such as: orange, red, dark pink, light pink, white, purple…

– How to grow: loosen the soil, then sow the seeds, cover with a thin layer of soil 0.1cm, moisten with a mist sprayer twice a day in the morning and afternoon. After 5 days the seeds begin to germinate.

– Care: after about 15 days, fertilize the plant. Use 20-15-5 NPK fertilizer diluted or sprinkled around the pot (about 01 teaspoon/pot). About 10 days, proceed to press the first time for the tree. If planting 01 tree/pot, press the buds 3 times. If planting 03 plants/pot, press the buds twice.

From the time the seedlings are planted in pots until the periwinkle flowers bloom, about 2 months. Water the plant in the morning.

4. Flashing star flower seeds

Star flashes are very popular flowers because they are easy to grow and care for, the plants grow quickly, withstand harsh weather, bloom continuously for a long time.

– How to grow: soak seeds in warm water for 1-2 days, take out to drain. Continue to soak the seeds with the germination stimulant for about 6 hours and then sow in the substrate or soil. Provide daily moisture for the plant, about a week later, the seeds will take root and develop buds.

The time from sowing to the time the star plant closes its bud is about 45 days, the plant can live for about 3 months if it is fertilized and watered sufficiently.

– Care: Water regularly 2 times / day for plants for potted plants, with plants grown directly in garden soil, water 1 time / day, should be watered in the early morning or evening. Apply NPK when the plants are 10 days old.

When the tree is about 20-25cm tall, it is advisable to trim away dry, weak branches and overgrown branches. You also need to weed, clean the garden, plant pots for the best growth.

5. Evening primrose seeds

This type of flower belongs to the type of grass, there are 2 types: double nightingale – climbing stem and single petunia – bushy body.

– How to grow: sow seeds in the summer of May, June. Sprinkle the seeds evenly on the pot, then cover with a thin layer of soil, spray gently, and keep in a cool place. It takes about 4-7 days for the seeds to germinate.

– Care: Growing evening primrose only needs to be watered 2 to 3 times a week. If the sun is too strong or it rains, you should put the plant in a cool place because this plant is very sensitive to high temperatures. If the sun is above 35 degrees, the roots will rot.

6. Ten o’clock flower seeds

Ten o’clock plants usually bloom at ten o’clock. Plants are often planted into flower beds, planted in pots, planted in pots, planted in hanging baskets. This plant is suitable for sunny and well-drained soil.

– How to grow flowers: Flowers at ten o’clock are very easy to grow, just stick the branch in the soil and the tree will live. If you plant seeds, you just need to spread the seeds evenly in the soil, water a little, don’t let the soil get too wet, the seeds will spoil, if the soil is too dry, the seeds will not germinate.

– Care: Should prune the branches that are old, or withered, the branches are too long, the tree should not be too dense, it will cause many diseases and fungi. Pruning helps the plant get light and is easy to handle when detecting worms or snail attacks.

Should water early in the morning, from 8 am to 10 am should not water the plants. Let the soil dry out before watering

The right place for the plant to grow and flower is dry and sunny areas. Fertilize plants once a month.

7. Chrysanthemum seeds

7.1. Yellow chrysanthemum seeds

Chrysanthemums are easy to grow, stay fresh for a long time, so many flower lovers like to plant them themselves. How to sow seeds and care for chrysanthemums is also very simple.

– How to grow: soak the seeds in warm water for 10-15 hours, then take them out, drain and plant in the prepared loose soil. Seed germination takes 30-40 days. From 90 to 100 days the tree is about 20cm tall.

– Care: Plants should be planted about 10cm apart. Chrysanthemum likes sunshine and a well-ventilated place, it is necessary to pay attention to drainage for the plant to not be waterlogged.

7.2. Chrysanthemum seeds

Chrysanthemums have thin wings, white, yellow pistil, the more buds, the more flowers. Cool plants should be planted in the fall is best.

– How to grow: soak seeds in water for 10-15 hours. Then take it out to dry and plant in moist, porous soil. Water regularly and leave in a cool place, about 5-10 days the plant will sprout.

– Care: The plant likes cool, the temperature is about 20-25 degrees. In order for the plant to grow well, to produce many buds, it is necessary to regularly clean the grass, catch the worms, and water them.

7.3. Marigold seeds

Marigolds have large beautiful flowers, flower diameters 5-7cm, standing stems, branching into bushes. This flower is long lasting. Normally, flowering time is about 58 – 65 days in the winter-spring crop, and 70 – 75 days in the summer-autumn crop.

– How to grow: soak seeds in warm water and deliver on porous, moist soil, after about 1 week it will germinate.

– Care: 10 days after the tree grows, dilute fertilizer. Plants begin to have buds about 40-45 days. Need to water the plant and drain well for the plant to grow, pest-free.

7.4 Chrysanthemum magic seeds

Magic chrysanthemums can be grown all year round. But best suited for cool weather conditions. For flowers to bloom on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, they should be planted in November – December of the solar calendar every year.

– How to grow: Carry out seeding, then water to provide daily moisture for seeds to germinate. About 4-5 days, the seeds germinate and develop into seedlings.

– Care: For planting beds: Planting density is guaranteed 40-45 plants/m2; Plant 8-10 cm from tree; Rows are 10-12 cm apart. Planting pots, put the soil in before 2/3 of the pot and then plant the seedlings. Depending on the size of the pot to plant the appropriate number of seedlings (pots with a diameter of 20 cm grow 3-5 plants).

Watering should be 1-2 times/day. After planting from 10 to 20 days, the plants grow strongly and need to be watered twice a day. The stage after planting from 35-45 days, the plant begins to form buds, be careful not to water the leaves and buds.

7.5 Chamomile seeds with rough leaves

Chamomile is an ornamental plant with many outstanding colors, flowers have many flattened petals arranged in layers. Each flower layer has a unique color that looks very beautiful and the flowers are usually fresh for a long time.

– How to grow: Seeds soaked in warm water for 10-15 hours, then brought to moist, porous soil, planted in about 1 week, plants will grow.

– Care: Freshen the plant twice a day, morning and evening, pruning the damaged, rotten leaves to grow the tree. Pay attention to drainage for plants to avoid waterlogging and pests.

8. Mini Lotus Seeds

Lotus is a flower with a rustic and ethereal beauty. Plants grow best at a temperature of 29 degrees.

– How to grow: When buying lotus seeds, you need to use a sharp knife to peel a little of the shell at the large round end of the seed so that the kernel layer appears, then proceed to soak the lotus seeds in water from 25 – 30 degrees. Change water twice a day. After 3-5 days, the seeds will start to soften and expand.

Green sprouts will be 5-7 cm long after soaking for about 2 weeks, you continue to soak until the length reaches 12 – 15 cm in about 20 days, then it’s time to transfer the seeds to a pot/planting pot.

– Care: Use clay mixed with sandy soil in a ratio of 2:1 to make mud. Bring the sprouted lotus seeds to a new planting pot. After transferring the seeds for about 1 week, add NPK fertilizer. Lotus is a light-loving plant, so you need to expose it to natural sunlight for at least 6 hours a day.

Well grown plants will be over 30 cm tall after about 2 months of sowing. If you plant in a pot, you should repot the lotus once a year, preferably in early spring.

9. Rose seeds

Rose is considered the queen of flowers, the flowers are very beautiful, the colors are diverse, the flowers bloom all year round, the fragrance spreads.

– How to grow: soak flower seeds in warm water for 1 hour, take them out and put them in a damp towel, fold them and put them in the refrigerator for about 7 days to stimulate sprouting, keep the towel moist. Then, take it out and put it in the nursery and water it regularly for about 7 days, the seeds will germinate.

– Care: Plants should be placed where there is an average of 6 hours of light per day, but should not be exposed to intense sunlight. When the tree is about 15cm tall, you can fertilize and fertilize the tree. Remember to mow the lawn regularly so that the plants can absorb the best nutrients.

10. Gerbera seeds

Gerbera is a herbaceous plant, not branched, only branched, 20-30cm tall. Flowers represent happiness, joy and money all year round. Gerbera is easy to germinate, seeds can flower after 120 – 130 days of sowing. You can plant gerbera flowers along the garden or in pots.

– How to grow: Soak seeds in warm water for about 1-3 hours, sow seeds in moist soil, water mist twice a day.

– Care: Should water the plants and in the morning, about once every 2 days. After 1 month of planting, fertilize the plants to flower. Regularly prune old, wilted leaves, to grow plants and reduce pests.

Above is information on how to grow 15 types of flower seeds that are easy to grow, easy to bloom all year round. Good luck with your planting.

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